Our unique auction is state of the art for many reasons. Ditch the heat, paper AND the lines to find out why our auction is anything but average.

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To get started, download the My Retail Rebel app.

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Visit our Auction that is only 10 minutes away from your current location. (We checked.)

Open every Thursday, from 11:00am - 8:00pm.


Open the app and select Rebel Auction from the menu.

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Follow these steps to bid:
1) Scan the QR code on a pallet.
2) Add your bid amount.
3) Don't forget to add a description of the pallet to help you know which pallets you bid on later.
4) Update your bid from anywhere! Even the comfort of your home.

Note: If you're a contender (one of the top bidders) for that pallet you'll see two red gloves on your bid.

Ready To visit the Auction of the Future?