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Corey H

"Was a different experience but was fun and I loved the prices. Definitely going back."

Tarra S

"Lots of different items! Changes every week. Food backpack purses hangers diapers never know what you're going to find."

Moria F

"That was a fun experience! I found some neat Nintendo merch and I am happy!"

Cade T

"If you are knowledgable about how much items are worth you can get 300-400% off what these items cost normally. Always be sure to use their testing stations. Great place to find headsets and other items."

Tamara C

"Absolutely love this place. It's a new adventure every time."

Kiersten M

"Great place. Great deals. Friendly staff."

Elizabeth C

"I LOVE this place! I found a $120 pair of Samsung Buds that work amazingly! I found several wigs for my daughter who is doing cosplay, real pearl earrings, a projector and more! I've never left without something useful and worth much more than I paid!"

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